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        Construction and Operation of Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Railway Chongqing Central Terminal of Railway Container in Tuanjie village, runs through Eurasia and arrives in Duisburg of Germany. The railway is 10.937 kilometers in length and passes by 6 countries, namely, from Chongqing to Lanzhou, to border port of Xinjiang-Alataw Pass, to Kazakhstan, to Russia, to Belarus, to Poland and ends in Germany. The railway adopts “five-fixed mode”, namely, fixed time, fixed routing, fixed country, fixed station and fixed price to successfully pass the countries along the route and to realize one-time customs clearance, one-time inspection, pass throughout the journey, monitor of the train operation along the entire route.

        Introduction to Chongqing Western Logistics Park

        Its planned area is 35 5 square kilometers and involves a total investment of 111 7 billion yuan

        Chongqing Western Logistics Park [also called Chongqing Logistics City(CLC)] is approved to be built by the municipal government at the 40th Mayor’s Office Meeting in September 2007. It is an inland bonded logistics park built on the basis of Central Railway Container Terminal in Tuanjie Village

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